Consultation Importance

This blogpost is intended to point the need for more consultation.

Consultation is defined as the action or process of formally discussing.

Alot of this is needed in our society, just think of the number of conflicting situations and conflict that could have been avoided.

The idea of sharing different viewpoints so that we can try to arrive at some common understanding is necessary. It is makes no sense that a select individual(s) or group of individual(s) those in and out power just ride ruthlessly over the wishes of those they represent or are in their charge.

Consultation, importantly, open the doors to enlightenment and education. Information that is important to planning anything between two or more people usually comes to light through consultations…..You’ll find out more on your next doctor’s visit.

It is improper when governments, of all groups, do not consult. Example, how can you build infrastructure without directly engaging the people it is expected to impact the most, and sometimes impact the worst?

Lack of consultation creates speculation and who can blame speculators when the people with the information do not share it.

Continue to consult.


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